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Providing counseling in Georgetown TX for parents and teens.

The world just seems a little harder today…especially for families with teens.

We’re navigating a new reality.  Never before have we been as exposed, as isolated, and with many feeling so unsafe in their communities and schools.  We don’t know yet how living through the pandemic has changed us, shifted us, traumatized us.  It’s equal parts disorienting, enlightening, and exhausting.  No one family has experienced it the same.

What I do know from my experience as a therapist during this time is our connections to one another help us to flourish.  Relationships between parents and teens; relationships between teens and teens; and relationships between parents and other parents.

As humans, we will continue to adapt and survive.  Our bodies know how to do this: the brain re-wires itself, hunkering down to defend itself from threats, and engaging in self-regulating and adaptive behavior.  And it works.  Often though, our adaptations when in crisis may not continue to serve us later.

I help teens and parents who are going through big life changes like divorce, co-parenting, launching into adulthood, family history of addiction, and exploring gender identity, to take a breath and develop acceptance for what’s going on around and within them, so they can feel confident about their ability to navigate hard things. Together we practice mindfulness skills, learning to be present in the moment rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

My clients experience change over time as they learn about how the brain and body interact and how this all impacts mood. I am trained in how to grow resilience in teens and parents AKA the ability to bounce back through hard things and focus on what matters most: staying connected, so your relationship survives in one piece through the tumultuous teen years. My clients typically come to see me weekly, so they can develop a relationship with me and dig in from day one to discover how to be themselves and practice healthy relationship skills.

If you or your teen are ready to move from stressed and disconnected to peaceful and joyful (with a lot of humor along the way!), click the button below to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation or call 737-808-4888 to discover how counseling with the right counselor in Georgetown, TX, can make a difference in how you and your teen navigates the stormy seasons of adolescence.

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Hi, I’m Kristen, and I’m so glad you’re here. I firmly believe we can act ourselves into feeling differently. Someone once told me “getting out of depression is in the doing.” I think that’s true of depression, anxiety, substance abuse struggles, and not loving yourself enough. I believe we have to act “as if” and then our world starts to change.

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