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Use this Magic Question to Communicate Better with Your Teen Today

Do you ever feel like your teen is from mars and you're from venus? Sometimes, no matter what you say, or how you say it, it seems like you're speaking two different languages. It may even feel like all of your customs and culture are completely different. And it's partially true! You and your teen are from different generations. This...[ read more ]

What to Do When Your Teen’s Therapist Stinks

You finally got your teen to go to therapy.  You did the research.  You figured out how to make it work financially and logistically.  You knew it could take awhile.  Maybe it takes time for your teen to warm up.  Maybe you “volun-told” your teen to do therapy.  Maybe you weren’t sure what to expect.  You know connections take time...[ read more ]

3 Tips on Surviving the Back to School Transition

Here in Georgetown, TX we are in the full weather season of summer, and it has been brutal.  I recently remember thinking, “Wow, it’s only 97 today", but those days seems to be a dream now.  For the most part it’s been triple digits, and to say it feels like a scorcher is an understatement.  Summer is actually my favorite...[ read more ]

3 Biggest Myths About Step Parent Counseling

It’s common to feel confused about what to expect when you start searching for "step parent therapy near me" or "therapy for family issues."  You're not even really sure what type of support you need.  So, you're doing the work, and researching what your options are.  After all, knowledge is power.  While the internet has given us a lot of...[ read more ]

4 Common Questions About Therapy for Stepmoms

You may be thinking back to how you felt before you entered the brave new world of blended family life.  You may be wondering, was I always so angry?  Did I feel hopeless before?  You may be experiencing confusion or sadness that feels unexplainable.  Here you are newly married or making a plan to spend the rest of your life...[ read more ]

5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Stepmom Therapist

  Most therapists will offer you the opportunity to talk with them for a free fifteen minute consultation via phone before committing to the first session.  I highly recommend you take them up on this offer.  Therapy is about the connection you have with the therapist, and from what I’ve seen, you can absolutely tell over the phone if this...[ read more ]

How to Find a Great Stepmom Therapist

You may have realized that you’re struggling right now in your role as a stepmom, but you’re not quite sure where to start as far as reaching out for support.  You may wonder, am I struggling with something like stress, overwhelm, or depression?  Does this have something to do with being in a blended family?  In what way is my...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Better Parent Your Teen

In notice a lot these days that there's a big stress on getting teens to do things the adults wants them to do, whether that's chores, the way they study or learn, how they find motivation for their future, or learning adult life tasks like driving. The more an adult willfully tries to get a teen to do what they want...[ read more ]

Top 10 Truths About Therapy for Teen Depression

As much as possible, I like my potential clients to know what to expect when starting therapy.  I find it’s helpful to be clear on expectations from the get go, so there’s little chance for confusion or resentment to grow and so all parties are on the same page.  This is especially true with teens, since it’s not just the...[ read more ]

3 Biggest Myths about Teen Therapy for Depression

  Depression in teens can be scary.  Often teens will isolate, keep to themselves, and not tell a grownup what’s going on.  Sometimes parents aren’t even aware a teen is struggling with depression until a teen ends up in the hospital after a suicide attempt.  Many times parents feel helpless in the face of this unseen experience of their teen’s...[ read more ]


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