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Finding a Virtual Teen Counselor in Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown is an amazing place. Home to the oldest university in Texas, the most beautiful town square in Texas, and known for its annual Red Poppy Festival, it’s a great place to raise teens. There are a ton of people who care about kids here, work to make our community better, and build connections, so teens have a safe and...[ read more ]

3 Biggest Myths About Step Parent Counseling

It’s common to feel confused about what to expect when you start searching for "step parent therapy near me" or "therapy for family issues."  You're not even really sure what type of support you need.  So, you're doing the work, and researching what your options are.  After all, knowledge is power.  While the internet has given us a lot of...[ read more ]

Top 10 Truths About Therapy for Teen Depression

As much as possible, I like my potential clients to know what to expect when starting therapy.  I find it’s helpful to be clear on expectations from the get go, so there’s little chance for confusion or resentment to grow and so all parties are on the same page.  This is especially true with teens, since it’s not just the...[ read more ]

Hello Georgetown!

Thanks for stopping by.  You may be a parenting adult looking for support for a teen in your life.  Or maybe you're a teenager and your parent MADE you look at this site to see if I'm a good fit for you.  Or maybe you're an awesome teen and you found me on your own.  Either way, I'm really glad...[ read more ]

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