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3 Tips on Surviving the Back to School Transition

Here in Georgetown, TX we are in the full weather season of summer, and it has been brutal.  I recently remember thinking, “Wow, it’s only 97 today", but those days seems to be a dream now.  For the most part it’s been triple digits, and to say it feels like a scorcher is an understatement.  Summer is actually my favorite...[ read more ]

Teen Mental Health & COVID-19

Many of you who are reading this are parenting adults.  You may have processed during this pandemic your own big feelings of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and loneliness.  You may still be taking the emotions as they come each day as we get new information, policies change, and hope and fear of the vaccine coming out swells.  Most of us have...[ read more ]

Recognizing Anxiety in Teens

Almost a third of teenagers (age 13-18) had an anxiety disorder according to the National Institute of Mental Health. If it seems like anxiety in teens is on the rise, it’s because it is.  Teens face unprecedented pressure to “succeed,” more adversities in childhood (parental divorce, parental substance abuse issues and other adversities), and an unregulated social media system designed...[ read more ]

Top 4 Things to Do When You Catch Your Teen Vaping

So you caught your teen vaping… You are probably experiencing a whole range of emotions right now…anger, disgust, fear, shame, sadness and more.  You may be wondering how your teen got a vape and why, oh why, they’re doing this.  I get it.  It may be hard for you to wrap your brain around what might be going on with...[ read more ]

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