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Finding a Virtual Teen Counselor in Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown is an amazing place. Home to the oldest university in Texas, the most beautiful town square in Texas, and known for its annual Red Poppy Festival, it’s a great place to raise teens. There are a ton of people who care about kids here, work to make our community better, and build connections, so teens have a safe and fun place to grow up.

That being said, just because Georgetown has so many wonderful things going on, doesn’t mean things will be perfect for your teen, and sometimes your teen may need support. (You remember the stress of acne, breakups, the pressure to fit in and get good grades! Not an easy time!). If you’re looking for a virtual teen counselor, I’d like to help you find someone who can help. 

I want to Help You Find a Virtual Teen Counselor in Georgetown, Texas

1. Use Google

I’m guessing you made your way to this website by getting online. Google is a powerful search engine that loves to help you find what you need, where you need it. The reason it’s great to use Google to search for a virtual teen counselor, is because you can type in exactly requests.

You may be looking for a “virtual teen counselor for depression” or a “virtual teen counselor for social anxiety”, and Google will help you find one. You may even type in a “virtual teen counselor near me”, so you know that person can help connect your teen to resources in the community as needed.

The other benefit of using Google is, there’s some validity to a counselor if their website ranks high on the list. If a virtual teen counselor is ranking high on Google, it means they know how to operate in the digital world, and that’s what your teen needs.

Teens today are part of the first generation to be considered “digital natives”, meaning they grew up online and are as comfortable (if not more) existing in the digital world as they are in real life. If a teen counselor has the skills to figure out Google rankings, you can bet they are adept in the virtual therapy space to provide your teen with the help they need.

2. Ask Around

Most people you meet know a teen. Whether it’s their own child, their stepchild, their niece (nephew or nibling), grandchild, or a teen they know from sports or other activities, it helps to ask around.

So many of the teens I work with came from a referral from another teen’s parent. The great thing about asking around is, you’ll trust the source, and have more confidence in the virtual teen counselor than you might a random person you found on Psychology Today.

Asking for help does not come with the stigma it once did. Most of my clients want people to know they’re in counseling, and they talk to their friends about their mental health.

3. Ask Your Teen

In addition to asking around in your social or professional circle, go ahead and ask your teen. Your teen may have already heard of a virtual teen counselor recommended by a friend!

How great would it be for your teen to find someone on their own and then have you vet them to make sure they’re a good fit all around? Such great problem-solving skills applied to a real life situation. They’ll also build a sense of self-efficacy (my voice matters), when you listen to their suggestion and follow through on reaching out to the virtual teen counselor.

Believe it or not, the relationship building that comes during counseling starts with those very first steps. Your teen will have more buy-in with a virtual teen counselor they chose, than if you choose for them. 

All of this is creating opportunities for your teen to practice life skills like finding a medical provider, asking for a referral, reaching out to someone new, and making decisions. 

4. Explore the Options

You may have found several options for virtual teen counselors in Georgetown, TX. That’s great! What I invite you to do then, is to explore those options more deeply.

Google the virtual teen counselor’s name.

See if they have a website and see what that website looks like. If the website is modern, user-friendly, and offers you the ability to book a consult or has a contact form integrated, you’ve likely found someone who has great virtual therapy skills, because the understand the value of building relationships online. (As a practice owner, I consider my website as an extension of me, and my relationship with you starts now, from this very first interaction.)

You’ll also want to look for some clue words that indicate they are adept in the digital space. Their website may say directly “virtual teen counselor” or something similar like “telehealth option.” Finally, you’ll want to look for any indication that they complete their paperwork electronically or have some sort of secure portal for health records. If you find information on this, it will indicate that this teen counselor is thinking about the ethics and practice of virtual teen therapy, which is huge, considering all the security risks we hear about in the news daily about private information getting hacked.

There are safe ways to do virtual teen counseling; it requires intentionality, commitment, and introspection on ethical considerations.

Once you talk to a few people, you can then model and practice making a decision together with your teen. 

A Free Consultation with a Virtual Teen Counselor in Georgetown, TX 

I hope this information and the brief tips above help you find the right virtual teen counselor in Georgetown.

If you’re ready to connect with me to see if I’m a right fit for working with your teen, in the virtual space, call me for a FREE 15-minute consultation at 737-808-4888.  We’ll discuss my style, what you and your teen are looking for, and if I’m the right fit to help your teen move from unhappy and withdrawn to finding joy and confidence from within.

Curious about if virtual teen counseling works? Check out the blog post below.

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