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Teen Depression

Your bright spirited child has now become an unhappy, withdrawn teen. 

You don’t know what’s going on with them.  They spend so much time in their room you feel like you haven’t seen them in weeks and anytime you ask a question, all you get is a one-word answer or an eye roll.  You feel like your teen has developed headphones as an extra body part, and you can never tell if they even hear a word you say.

You used to be the person your child came to with all the highs and lows of the day, and now you just feel left out.  You used to see them interacting with friends and now it seems like they spend more and more time alone.  Last night you thought you heard them crying in their room and tonight they wouldn’t come out for dinner.

You know some teen angst is normal, but this feels like something else. 

The more you ask what’s going on, the more withdrawn they become, and you feel like you’re pushing them away when all you want to do is help.  You can’t stand seeing your child in pain and want them to be able to talk to someone safe about whatever’s going on.

I help unhappy, withdrawn teens who are going through big life changes like injuries, transitioning to high school, or changes at home to take a breath and develop acceptance for what’s going on around and within them, so they can feel confident about their ability to navigate hard things.  Together we practice mindfulness skills, learning to be present in the moment rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.  My clients experience change over time as they learn about how the brain and body interact and how this all impacts mood.  I am trained in how to grow resilience in teens AKA the ability to bounce back through hard things. My teen clients typically come to see me weekly, so they can develop a relationship with me and practice open communication without a screen.

Through the process of counseling, I will have sessions with the parents and guardians who are in the teens life as well to help support you, as your teen learns to identify emotions, practice healthy coping skills, and learn confidence in communicating effectively. I will often integrate breath work and easy mindfulness exercise to help teach how the brain and body are connected and to provide tools from day one, which can help your teen outside the therapy space.

If you are ready to help your teen move from unhappy and withdrawn to confident and joyful, contact me for a FREE 15 minute consultation at 737-808-4888 or schedule here to discover how therapy for your teen, with the right therapist, can make a difference in how your teen navigates the turbulent teen years and grows into a healthy, connected young adult.

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